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pGalactic Rules

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:41 pm

ProjectGalactic Rules

1. Scamming -
If you are found scamming other players your account will be disabled. Scamming is not tolerated at all. Scamming means that you are making a trade in the game under false conditions or promises.

2. Exploiting exploits/bugs/glitches
If you happen to find a bug we expect you to report it to one of our administrators. If it is a serious bug please report it to Pete through a forum message/post.

Please do not abuse this bug yourself. It could not only be very dangerous for the game but it could get your account suspended as well. If you are found showing/using a exploit/bug/glitch actions will be taken.

3. Offensive Language

Offensive language will not be tolerated in any way. You will be restricted from chatting in the game and on our forum.

4. Multi-logging

You cannot multi-log, it will resolve in account deletion of both accounts.

5. No Pk Point Speeding

You may not pk the same person to farm Pk points. This will resolve in deletion of account or ban.


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