pGalactic Features

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pGalactic Features

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:43 pm


-Ironman mode
-Deadman mode
-Great Economy
-Great membership benefits
-Completionist (with colour changing) and max cape
-Tutorial island (Can be skipped)
-Duel arena
-Level points
-Revamped PvP System
-Amazing pking (PVP Style)
-Buy 100, sell 100
-All skills are trainable
-Pk points and pk point store.
-Proper item effects such as Spirit Shields, including all special attacks!
-Gold scrolls
-Single players dungeons / 20+ man raids
-New bosses always being added
-Money vault
-Bosses with unique attacks and special features
-Boss slayer tasks and more!
-World events


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